New States Law Protects Owners of Manufactured Homes

July 15, 2010

Did you know that mobile home communities are an important part of the mix of low-income housing in Fort Collins? Yet, many park residents live in almost constant fear of being evicted for violating ambiguous and lengthy park covenants. Even thought you may own the home itself, the park can evict you. Their power comes from the you have to pay the moving costs but also for people who own a home built prior to 1976, by Larimer County Code, you can not locate it another park – you’re only option is to locate it on land you own.

See, owners of parks, many of which are large corporations located far outside of our community, are constantly trying to “cycle-out” older mobile homes to make way for newer double-wide homes that they can be charge higher fees.

The residents of the Orchard Grove Mobile Home Park in Boulder had enough of this, got organized and with the help of the Boulder City Council convinced State Senator Rollie Heath & State Rep. Dickie Lee Hullinghorst to introduce SB 10-156 in the Colorado legislature. In June of this year, Governor Ritter signed it into law, giving mobile home owners expanded rights. Here’s what it means:

– Requires homeowners to be given 60 days (up from 30) notice before removal.
– Guarantees homeowners being evicted a right to mediation.
– Guarantees residents the right to gather peacefully in common areas.
– Requires park owners to provide adequate water and sewer infrastructure to the utility pedestal or pad of the home.
– Requires park owners to give access to county or municipal governments in case of health or safety hazards.